Thursday, June 5, 2008

Central Park West


Imagine-Central Park, New York City

04.06.08. To this day, people are very passionate about this man. Very moving.

Central Park

April 2008. Central Park.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Museum Of Natural History

04.06.08. The Museum Of Natural History.

The Museum Of Natural History

04.06.08. The Museum Of Natural History, All I could think about was The Night At The Museum!

NYC Cab's With GPS

04.06.08. Taking a cab ride in New York was great. Not only did the back seat have an interactive GPS system with your cab's location, but it also had satellite TV!

Central Park, New York City

04.06.08. Central Park :)


04.06.08. It seemed as if there was a parade around every concern in NYC.

The Apollo

04.06.08. Harlem, New York City.

Upper East Side


East Side - NYC


Gray Line New York Sightseeing Tours

04.06.08. Our friend Lori hooked us up with many discounts and freebies for NYC, she is such a wonderful giving gal. However, the sightseeing thing is really not our gig, so we thought!!! Wendy & I were a little skeptical about this, but it honestly turned into a highlight of our trip. Our guide was hilarious. He kept us laughing for two hours all over the city! I missed SNL while in NYC, but felt entertained just as the SNL folks would have done. Awesome, I highly suggest it if all the guides are like the one we had.

I Love NY T-Shirts

04.06.08. I now know why I see so many I love NY t-shirts, they are 7 for $10, or $2 each!

Times Square - New York City

04.06.08. 24 hours a day, this place is humming with people. I thought Disney was a busy place... Not even close.

The Room

04.05.08. After a long day of sight seeing, Wendy, Joe, and I ended up at a candle light bar called The Room. Wendy read the description, as an all candle lite room that serves Belgium beers and other goodies I'd like. It turned out to be very fun, loved the drinks, the music, and the people we met.

Joey - Peculier Pub

04.05.08. Joe came out for a beer with us. This place had hundreds of ales to choose from. My kind of place.

Don't Honk

04.05.08. Wendy wishes more places enforced this...

Chinatown - New York City

04.05.08. Just strolling through the city. Every turn in Chinatown reminded my of Hong Kong. Even the smell.

Chinatown - NYC

04.05.08. After walking from Brooklyn to Manhattan, we made a right off the bridge and walked through/around Chinatown. Talk about a trip down memory lane. New York City's Chinatown reminded me of the nine months we lived in Hong Kong. Everything from the signs I couldn't read, to the street vendors selling their baby bok choy. Even a Chinese Mickey hear and there...